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Advertising on the Costa del Sol

coverAs more and more businesses today advertise increasingly online, print advertising remains a very effective way to promote your business. Printed advertising allows you to stand out from your competition. Advantages of print advertising are a better focus of your audience, higher turnover and creating trust.

The Kosta is the free monthly magazine printed in the Dutch language giving you the opportunity to reach the Dutch and Belgium people on the Costa del Sol. Similar to the Nordic people (Swedish, Norwegian) the Dutch and Belgium have and do spend more and many of them have there Second home in Spain, creating a very interesting audience for your business.

With a circulation of up to 12.000 printed magazines per month, we offer you the opportunity to reach your audience all over the Costa del Sol and its surroundings. With specifically selected distribution points from Nerja to Estepona, the Kosta is easily available to all Dutch and Belgians who are located on the Costa del Sol. So you do not miss out on potential customers. All distribution points can be found on this page, including the exact distribution date and time.

Our website receives an average of 38.000 visitors per month. From our statistics for 2018, 58.4% of these visitors are generated by search queries, in addition to our main page (www.kostanieuws.com), our magazine page (www.kostanieuws.com/magazine/) is the most visited page with 25.8% of the total number of page views.
All Kosta editions (including advertisements) are fully published on this page, and are there for all our visitors to read and download as PDF.

Online advertising without disadvantages

Internet presence is essential. Without your own website, Facebook page, Google Maps profile you will miss out on a large audience. That's why, in addition to print advertising, we also offer advertising opportunities on our website and social media.

What distinguishes us is that we do not make or allow intrusive online advertising. Annoying pop-ups, pages that are redirected and flickering advertisements with sound are better seen and clicked more often but hardly ever lead to a commitment.

Advertising packages

In order to generate the best possible results for our customers, we offer various advertising packages, such as our package for start-ups. Because every company is unique and needs to be commercialized differently, we put all packages together in a personal consultation.

Advertising specifications for print

Ads with bleed

Sizes (width x height, mm)

  • Page with bleed: 216 x 303
  • Page without bleed: 210 x 297
  • Spread with bleed: 426 x 303
  • Spread without bleed: 420 x 297

Ads without bleed

Sizes (width x height, mm)

  • 1/2 horizontal: 181 x 127,5
  • 1/2 vertical: 87 x 261,75
  • 1/4 horizontal: 181 x 60,25
  • 1/4 vertical: 87 x 127,5
  • 1/8: 87 x 60,25
  • 1/16: 87 x 25,2

Ads must contain a clear separation between editorial and advertising content. If no distinction can be made between editorial and advertising content, we reserve the right to create a line separating them.



Required format

Advertisements only in PDF, JPG or TIF

  • Recommended format: PDF/X-1a
  • Color space: CYMK. No Grayscale, RGB or LAB.
  • Pixel Density: 300ppi

Material Deadlines

Ads must be delivered by the 7th of the month at the latest. If you need help making the ad, please provide us with the material before the 5th of the month.

Submit an ad

All advertisements must be sent to us digitally. When using a cloud storage such as Google Drive, the ads must be directly downloadable, without the use of an account or permission request.

Ads Design

Kosta offers limited free design support.
For making ads or a marketing campaign please contact us.

Get in touch

For more information about advertising in our magazine, please contact us.