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Starting a business on the Costa del Sol

start businessAs Kosta we have seen many companies come and go here on the Costa del Sol over the years. From companies that have been open for a few months and then have to throw in the towel due to problems, to companies that have become extremely successful.

The fact that some companies fail and others become successful often has little to do with coincidence or luck, but rather with good planning, preliminary research and marketing.

Before one starts thinking about starting a business the most important thing is market research. Is there demand for the product or service? How is the current supply? What can I do better? And so on. Without an idea to what the answers to these questions might be It is still too early to make the first step. Because this is the first step.

After that it is important to inform yourself about the legal obligations. As in every country, you need different permits and licenses in Spain, and in addition, of course, a good bookkeeper is also necessary to file the mandatory taxes. We have seen it often enough that a company had to close down 3 days after opening because they didn't have a "piece of paper" in order, and that they were not allowed to open the doors again until this had been sorted out (which in the bureaucracy in Spain can sometimes take several months). As a good opening goes hand in hand with a good marketing campaign, which of course also involves costs, this can be a huge waste of money. Compared to other countries, Spain does not have, to put it mildly, the easiest and clearest tax and legal system.

Another problem is that "bookkeeper" in Spain is not a protected profession, and anyone can practically call themselves a bookkeeper. This can, of course, cause huge problems, because if there are big mistakes, you are ultimately the one who pays for them. But there are also good accountants and tax specialists in Spain who are also professionally insured for these kinds of errors.

Another important factor for starting a business is that you make yourself known to your potential customers. You can offer a great service or product, but if people don't know you exist they can't buy it.

That's why good marketing is vital. Of course, you also have running costs at a company, and it is normal that you only write red numbers in the first few months. But how long is this going to last and how much time do you have to write black figures? Based on this, you have to make a choice for your marketing budget.

As the largest Dutch magazine on the Costa del Sol since 2009, we have the necessary experience in the field of marketing and everything that is needed to start a business.
We offer special packages for new companies (start-ups) that contains everything that a company can get started within a very short period of time. This way you start with a head start, and save months or even years in setting up several important elements for your company.

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